Monday, June 1, 2009

AP Summer Assignment

For each novel, students will submit weekly reading blogs. Students must submit AT LEAST one blog a week, throughout the summer, or a MINIMUM of 8 total. These submissions must be a response to passages, but they should be mainly critical, not personal.

Students should:

1. Quote the passage from the text that they are discussing. (Quote it verbatim, and cite it properly – title, author, page #) KEEP QUOTATIONS SHORT

2. Note and comment on the author’s use of literary devices (e.g. metaphor, symbol, irony, etc.)

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the literary devices, in terms of author’s probable intentions and the resulting relative success.

4. Discuss how the passage (and your analysis of it) fits into the novel’s larger themes.

Students should have several entries in their notes for each novel, submitting blog entries at least once a week.

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